Zokky - it's Australian for FUN! TM

and Zokky the Kangaroo loves to have FUN! 

Zokky enjoys singing and dancing and playing and after the amazing time Zokky and Jackaroo Jeff

had in the USA, they are planning a tour of Australia with the new Zokky Stage Show with music and adventures from Zokky's new CD

and new DVD.

"Happy Hip Hoppy" is the name of Zokky and Jackaroo Jeff's new CD and the DVD is called

"The Adventures of Zokky the Kangaroo" TM

The CD and DVD are out now.

From Zokky's CD "Happy Hip Hoppy"

"G'day Mate..... from over there...

this here Zokky from you know where.....

a place called Australia... a land of wonder....
but you may know it as the land Down Under".

Zokky the Kangaroo on Safari.

Zokky in Sydney at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

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